[Book] ICOM ICTOP Communication Oriented Museums (reduced, final) – e-Book (2021)

The book is outcome of the conference organised by the ICOM-ICTOP in collaboration with Akbank Sanat in İstanbul Beyoğlu dedicated to International Museum Day and 50th anniversary of ICTOP. It looks foremost on a new way(s) of museum communication and why and how communication in museum sector is never more important. The book delivers 14 contributions from around the World separated in five main themes: Museum experience from physical to digital, Branding for museums, Being a museum in social media, Open museums: participative approaches and Communication in museums related trainings and their professional development. The e-book is free to download, however please be correct if you will cite any part of it later on. We firmly believe this book will assist many colleagues around the World as far as museum communication is concerned. We will be happy, and proud if it (or any part of it) will became a teaching material.

[Reader] Access and Inclusion in South and South East Asian Museums (2020)

The publication is outcome of the workshop organised by the Commonwealth Association of Museums (CAM) in collaboration with ICOM-ICTOP and ICOM India, the Mehrangarh Museum Trust in Jodhpur and the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum Trust in Jaipur, as second workshop on accessibility, access and inclusion in South and Southeast Asian Museums. We hope that the new perspectives and insights will foster greater access and inclusion in all participants’ work. By acting as a record of our sessions, this publication allows us to share experiences and learning with colleagues in the region and globally. It may prompt you to try something similar; you could improve on our efforts; or be inspired to develop something new. Accordingly, we invite you to read (or share) this publication. We do believe it could inspire you = if you have or share similar challenges maybe it will offer you some answers and solutions, no matter where you live and work. Issues of access and inclusion are basically the same all around the world.


[Reader] Access in Museums in South Asia (2016)

The publication is the outcome of a collaborative workshop that was held in the City Palace in Jaipur in March 2016, which brought together a variety of museum and heritage professionals. It includes the ‘Jaipur Declaration on Access to Museums’ and practical advice and suggestions on how to become more inclusive as a museum professional and institution, and is intended as a resource to use as well as build upon. The workshop & publication are done by Commonwealth Association of Museums in partnership with the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum Trust, in collaboration with ICOM-ICTOP and ICOM Canada and supported by a special projects grant from ICOM. It can be freely downloaded here Access-in-Museums-in-South-Asia-book. (French version: 2016_L’accessibilité dans les musées de l’Asie du Sud)


 [Proceedings] ICOM Memorial lectures 2016 Reader

The brochure brings together the lectures presented by Bernice Murphy, René Rivard and Cristina Vannini at the fourth ICOM Memorial Lectures in Milan, on the occasion of the 24th General Conference of ICOM. The ICOM Memorial Lectures 2016 Reader witnesses erudite and reflected, practical museum thinking, as well as international and interdisciplinary co-operation, and merits to be spread widely amongst interested communities, individuals, and groups. It can be downloaded here ICOM_Memorial lectures_2016_Reader.


 [Proceedings] Staff and Training In Regional Museums (link)

ICTOP-staffTraining-thumbnailStaff and Training In Regional Museums (2011) edited by Jane Legget. Regional museums generally have more modest resources of both staff and finance than national and metropolitan institutions. With few, if any, specialists and often relying on volunteers, individual staff at regional museums frequently carry a wider range of responsibilities, with less opportunity for training but…

Running a Museum: A Practical Handbook

ICTOP-runningAMuseum-thumbnailRunning a Museum: A Practical Handbook is intended to provide an overview of the key aspects of the operation of a museum that is anxious to serve the needs and hopes of its visitors and the wider community in the 21st century. Museums need to remain faithful to traditional core values of the museum and continue to emphasise the care and…