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[InHerit Manual] Professional Development in Heritage Interpretation (2016)

InHerit is the European Commission (European Union) funded multilateral project on heritage interpretation. The project aims to build heritage staff capacity for competence oriented non-formal learning in inspiring contexts that improve the adult learning potential at heritage sites through professional development of managers and educators at these sites. ICOM-ICTOP was an associated partner in the InHerit project. “The InHerit manual: Professional Development in Heritage Interpretation”, is project’s core publication. It is a manual for tutors which outline heritage interpretation as well has a range of interactive methods such as role play, proposals for discovery based learning through small group project etc. The manual could be downloaded here: Manual-InHerit-EN

More about the InHerit project could be find here:


ICOM-ICTOP’s Museum Professions – A European Frame of Reference (2008)


The objectives of this frame of reference are to promote the national and international recognition of museum professions and the mobility of museum professionals. In the current context of the modernisation of museums through eye-catching initiatives and economically profitable activities, it is necessary to reflect critically on the special nature of the museum as an institution. Museums are created by people for people. Achievement of this objective is based on the knowledge, awareness and responsibility of each member of staff. It takes the European discussion on museum professions forward where the Frame of Reference is important guidance.

Download it here: ICTOP-Museum-Profession_frame_of_reference