Call for Papers


ICTOP Call for Papers at the ICOM 24th Triennial / Museums and Cultural Landscapes / Milano, Italy 3-9 July 2016





The topic of ICOM-Milano, the 2016 Triennial of ICOM ( Museums and Cultural Landscapes), presents a serious challenge to those devoted to the world-wide museums, culture and heritage work. At stake are the basic assumptions of how we approach our pedagogy, our teaching, and our profession for the hundreds of thousands of museum and cultural/heritage workers that ICOM serves. Within the context of 2016, the urgency of our work may be searingly obvious, but not so our next steps. Our meeting agenda, then, aims to discuss possible actions in museum and culture/heritage professionals and organizations  while striving to articulate and apply in our teaching the progressive work of the expanding museum sphere and the ever increasing demands of society.

Daniel Jalla, chair of ICOM Italy, has stated there are three different landscape of museology today : collections, cultural heritage and territory and community. How do these notions translate into existing our fields of study – be it museology, museum studies, cultural or heritage studies or management-  and the precepts for professional development opportunities offered in most countries?  While some academics have been dealing with notions of eco- and sociomuseology, social or progressive museology for some years, others are just discovering them. At the same time new ideas arising from sustainability, tourism and cultural development, management and information studies continue to expand our topics, building on our past work.

ICTOP calls for abstracts outlining innovative museum practices that reflect the challenges of how we frame our profession and our development/teaching around the conference theme.

Topics may include:

  1. How the topic of ‘cultural landscapes’ change our professional development vision and pedagogy/teaching?

      2. What do the many recent developments in Italy have to tell us ? 

  1. Does the ‘cultural landscape’ view work for cultural/heritage work in your region ? How do you articulate your precepts when provoked by this topic ? 
  1. Case studies and examples of how our training and courses are already working towards this vision or might be reformed? 
  1. How would we alter our curriculum or degrees to accommodate the concepts of ‘cultural landscape’ or alternative views ?



We welcome suggestions for panels, workshops or forum on our topic and any other method to engage members.

Proposals must include:
– Title
– 150-200 word abstract for paper or workshop
– 50-75 word resume
– all papers/presentations should attempt to present a critical reflection on their research, observations or case studies

Please submit your abstracts/suggestions of approx. 200 words along with a short bio (up to 75 words) to our Darko Babic, Assistant Professor, University of Zagreb / ICTOP Treasurer – dbabic(at)


Reviewing Process

All submissions will be reviewed by our ICOM-ICTOP scientific committee for inclusion in the ICTOP 2016 conference program. The reviewing group includes Darko Babic, Treasurer of ICTOP, Lynne Teather, President of ICTOP,  Rita Capurro and teacher at the Politecnico di Milano, and Anna Maria Visser of University of Ferrara, both of the Italian Organizing Committee and ICTOP members.


Registration :

ICOM General Conference is now open and can be completed via the ICOM website.
Please note that there is no separate registration for the ICTOP Conference.

We will keep you updated on the 2016 ICTOP conference program here

at our ICTOP website and other means such as Facebook 


We look forward to seeing you in Milano!


Conference Organizing Committee :

Darko Babic, Lynne Teather, Rita Capurro, and Anna Maria Visser.


Questions :