2019 ICTOP Elections

ICOM-ICTOP Kyoto 2019 AGM Proxy Vote: download it here ICTOP_Kyoto_2019_ProxyVote

ICOM-ICTOP Kyoto 2019 elections – Candidates (brochure): ICTOP Kyoto 2019 elections Candidates



The next annual membership meeting of ICTOP will take place as part of the ICOM Triennial Conference in Kyoto (Japan), September 1-7th, 2019. The ICTOP Annual General meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 4th from 17:00-18:00 at the Inamori Memorial Hall (Satellite venue), Room 203. At this meeting we will elect the board of ICTOP for the next term, 2019-2022. All ICOM members in good standing who are voting members of ICTOP are eligible to stand for election, and for voting.

ICTOP Board (at the moment) consists of a chairperson, a vice-chairperson (who is acting treasurer), a secretary, a communications officer (making 4 officers) and five (ordinary) board members (not counting ICTOP Board representatives for the next ICOM Triennial Conference 2022). As acting ICTOP Chair, on behalf of entire ICTOP Board I would like to announce a Call for candidates for officers and ordinary board members of ICTOP for mandate 2019-2022.

Acting as ICOM-ICTOP officer and/or board member is a privilege but comes with specific responsibilities. Officers and board members are expected (as minimum) to assist within developing ideas, implementing projects and all other committee work. This includes the participation in an administrative work, addressing of relevant project calls as well as creating and implementing campaigns concerning membership development and fundraising. In addition, or parallel they enhance outreach, assist in planning annual conferences, and provide assistance and resources to our members internationally. Finally, they are willing to participate in diverse special activities and programs of ICTOP, and volunteer as needed.

ICTOP in 2018 beside regular annual conference performed six additional activities (projects, workshops, conferences etc.) where our intention is to increase this to at least ten, hopefully even more per year where publishing is one of our (but not the only one) priority. Candidates for the board accordingly must be keen to contribute on all future ICTOP actions where a wide geographic diversity (of Board members) is desirable. As per all stated above we invite you to become a candidate for position as an officer or a board member of ICTOP if you consider you are willing and want to devote your time and contribute to development of (foremost) museum professional training. The deadline for submission of candidacy is August 20th, 2019.

In order to act transparent towards all ICTOP voting members, i.e. to provide relevant information we request all promising candidates to send to ICTOP election officer (Oystein Froiland) the following information:

  1. Your personal data, ICOM number, and institutional affiliation
  2. Your CV / Bio (250 words maximum)
  3. A statement why you’d like to be on the board and how you can contribute (300 words maximum)

All stated above must be sent to ICTOP election officer (Oystein Froiland, oystein.froiland (at) orange.fr) before August 20th, 2019 CET as one page (word or pdf).

Any further information, questions re. this Call could be addressed to either Oystein Froiland (oystein.froiland (at) orange.fr) or Darko Babic (dbabic (at) ffzg.hr).

We thank you for your continued support, as well as interest to your candidacy.

Hope to see you in Kyoto in early September.