2020 Call for Papers

Due to global situation and existing pandemic ICOM-ICTOP 2020 joint annual conference

(with ICOM-MEMO) planned for 26-30/10/2020 in Yerevan, Armenia is cancelled.  

An alternative (smaller) event for 2020 will be organised on-line.

ICOM-ICTOP is planning to transfer its 2020 annual conference to 2021, on the same location and around the same dates (October).


2020 ICOM-ICTOP & ICOM-MEMO joint conference

Yerevan, Armenia – 26-30/10/2020

2020 Annual ICOM-ICTOP Conference / Yerevan, Armenia – CALL FOR PAPERS

Theme: “Museum Profession: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”

N.B. The call for papers will be closed on July 1st, accepted abstracts will be announced on August 1st.

ICOM-ICTOP (International Council of Museums-International Committee for the Training of Personnel) is holding its annual conference from October 26-30, 2020 in Yerevan, Armenia in cooperation with ICOM Armenia, as well as the Armenian State Pedagogical University, the Association of Museum Workers and Friends of Museums and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport as partners. The conference will hold joint events and session with ICOM MEMO (International Committee of Memorial Museums in Remembrance of the Victims of Public Crimes).

The museum reality today is in dynamic transformation which is depending on new social requirements to this cultural phenomenon and its expending roll from passive supporter to active player in different communities. Such a reaction to new social requirements are also based on new professional development tendencies and expanding museological education in different forms. Museum professionals, and mangers are looking for new skills and development opportunities to be relevant with ongoing changes in museums and around them. Museum professional community working in museums, universities and (any) other related heritage institutions today are trying to anticipate and react to transformations of traditional museum activities and new approaches which will be relevant to museum professional development tendencies. This conference can be a modest, but at the same time significant contribution for finding and sharing new ideas, approaches, cases and discussions about museum/heritage related current professional development and its further transformation starting from university formal education to trainings and workshops in museums and in any other related organizations, as well as further on. Our objectives are to respond to the following questions:

  • What is university museological education and how to evaluate its effectiveness?
  • Who are museum professionals today and who will be they in the future?
  • How to continue professional development and its importance today?
  • Are museum training programs effective for professional development?
  • How to use the benefits of professional networks for joint efforts on professional development?
  • How to be prepared for documentation and interpretation of difficult heritage in museums? (This question will be under special interest during joint session with ICOM MEMO)

We are inviting museum/heritage specialists, museum/heritage staff trainers, professors teaching museology/heritage studies and related subjects and other heritage professionals (ICOM and non ICOM members) to share their experience, cases studies, practice, thoughts, researches and ideas for finding answers of these questions under following topics:

  • Preparing museum staff in universities for today and tomorrow
  • Profile of a museum specialist in the future
  • New opportunities for professional development: museum/heritage trainings and workshops
  • Professional networks as a platform for joint efforts on professional development.
  • Preparing museum staff to interpret and to facilitate topics of difficult heritage.

We are accepting abstracts on these topics, contributions that help to find new ways and approaches to future professional development in the museum/heritage field. Your contribution could be in the form of a presentation/paper (15-20 minutes), a workshop (1 hour) or a poster (as part of the poster session). Please, send your abstract (250 to 350 words maximum) and short biography (maximum 150 words) by July 1st, 2020.

The following information should be included with the abstract:

  • Name(s) of Author(s)
  • Affiliation(s) & full address(es)
  • Title of submitted paper (& type of presentation)
  • Abstract in English (250 to 350 words maximum)
  • Support equipment required (if any)
  • Short bio/CV of presenter(s) (no more than 150 words)
  • Please label your filenames with your surname and ICTOP2020.
  • Font: Arial Unicode.

Abstract submissions should be sent before 1st of July, 2020 as a MS word, or PDF attachment to ICOM-ICTOP Yerevan 2020 Programme Committee:


Please attach to the mail as CC the following mails:

Darko Babic: dbabic(at)ffzg.hr

Kiersten Latham: kflatham(at)msu.edu

Simone Stoltz:  simone.stoltz(at)gmail.com

Davit Poghosyan: poghosyand(at)gmail.com

Announcement of approved proposals: 1st  of August, 2020.