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It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the ICOM’s International Committee for the Training of Personnel (ICTOP) web platform. Among the first of the ICOM International Committees (formed in 1968), ICTOP is pleased to speak to its decades long contribution to the professional development of museums and heritage and the educational preparation of professionals working around the world.

On this site you will find news of our work, stories about our mission, research, resources and members.We invite you to ‘join in’ and explore some helpful tools and resources to which your contributions and comments are welcome.

What We Do:

The ICTOP Committee organizes an annual meeting in various locations in the world in an attempt to represent the diverse international community. In addition, we also offer special workshops through collaborations with other international and local professional bodies. The committee also advises on matters related to professional development such as guidance on jobs, curriculum, salaries and human resources and case studies of personnel training; we have worked closely with other ICOM Committees on these goals. The web site (currently in development) tends to offer deep information and networking: it includes reports on past events and reports, papers and conferences, as well as contemporary issues and news.

To Join ICOM and ICTOP:

Please feel free to join ICTOP through ICOM, subscribe to our e-newsletter and connect with us on social media.

You must join ICOM to join any special committee, as ICTOP. By joining ICOM you will integrate the world museum community and take part in the debates, the scientific exchanges and in the reflection about the museum future.
Follow these 3 steps to become a member:

  • Make sure there is an ICOM National Committee in your country by clicking here:
  • Go to your country’s website and check to see if there is a national membership form. Fill in the national membership form and send it to your country’s membership contact.
  • If there is no national form, complete the international form and send it to membership[at]
  • When filling out the form name/tick ICTOP as your first (chosen) Committee with full voting rights