During December 2016 a coalition with the ICOM-UMAC (International Committee for University Museums and Collections) was created and ICOM Paris HQ Special Projects Call addressed with the proposal on “Professionalising museum work in higher education: a global approach”. Partners in this proposal/project are US based the Association of Academic Museums & Galleries and European based the Universeum (European Academic Heritage Network). It is (as planned) two years long project and important is sense of research theme but as well for improving collaboration with other ICOM ICs.


For Immediate Release (25 April 2017)

Dear ICTOP & UMAC members and friends,

We are delighted to announce that we have won a grant from ICOM to continue strategic work towards improving knowledge about, and standards of, professional development and training in university museums and collections worldwide.
In the coming two years, we will be developing a research project entitled Professionalizing museum work in higher education: A global approach, in a partnership with ICTOP (International Committee of ICOM for the Training of Personnel), the AAMG (Association of Academic Museums and Galleries, USA) and UNIVERSEUM (the European Academic Heritage Network).
You will also be invited to participate. More about this in coming weeks.
For the moment, let’s celebrate – and circulate the good news!

Full Press release could be downloaded here: UMAC-ICTOP MEDIA RELEASE