2018 AKBANK SANAT & ICTOP (Istanbul, Turkey – May 25&26)




 Akbank Sanat Celebrates International Museum Day and 50th Anniversary of ICOM-ICTOP

 Akbank Sanat, Beyoğlu, istanbul

25-26 May 2018


“Communication Oriented Museums” is organized by Akbank Sanat in collaboration with ICOM-ICTOP (International Council of Museum’s International Committee for the Training of Personnel) and dedicated to the International Museum Day 2018 and 50th anniversary of ICTOP encourages and promotes museums related training programmes at diverse levels in all regions of the world.

2018 International Museum Day’s theme ‘Hyperconnected Museums: New Approaches, New Publics’ makes reference to communication oriented museum concept and underlines the developing new technologies. Museums which are able to establish sustainable communication with their inner and exterior environments are defined as “communication oriented museums”. Individuals, and publics has become the priority of museums within this approach has been guiding museology for over half a century. Today’s dynamic museums are organizations which question traditional methods without denying technology with the purpose of becoming integrated with their visitors, reevaluate and develop these and create agendas which produce strategies and make it possible to reach wide masses through their exhibitions, educational programs and activities. But what kinds of methods do these museums follow while capturing this dynamism? What changes in museums does this communication oriented approach require? In the face of the speed of communication technologies, how do museums position themselves? These issues related to museum communication will be addressed and discussed without denying the new conditions created by technology, taking the communication oriented side of museology in Communication Oriented Museums Seminars.

Within this scope, the issues to be addressed in “Communication Oriented Museums” Seminars, will be the change in the museum experience; marketing strategies in museums; participatory approaches of museums; use of social media by museums, and communication concept in museums related trainings/professional development.

Project Coordinator: Dr. N. Hanzade URALMAN, Okan University, Chairman of Public Relations and Advertising Department

Full programme could be consulted here: http://www.akbanksanat.com/en/program/museum-studies-seminars-communication-oriented-museums or here: Programme AKBNKSNT & ICTOP 2018_ENG