ICTOP 2022 post Prague AGM & Chair/Board elections

October 17th, 2022

Dear colleagues / Dear ICTOP members,

as you personally witnessed, or heard from others ICOM-ICTOP Prague 2022 programme was very successful. Following recommendations by ICOM HQ Paris we opted not to have ICTOP 2022 Annual General Meeting/General Assembly in Prague but after it (October, November).

As you are aware Annual General Meetings/General Assemblies of ICOM international committees (IC) are important events where members influence development of ICOM international committees, verify reports and plans from elected Chair and Board etc. At the Triennial ICOM General Conferences as part of ICOM IC’s Annual General Meetings/General Assembles elections of IC chairs and boards for the next term usually take place. As previously said the ICOM HQ recommended to have all mentioned after the Prague 2022, and in on-line form.

Accordingly acting ICTOP Chair & Board Members are announcing ICTOP Annual General Meeting / General Assembly (with elections) will take place on-line on November 23rd, at 2:00 PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time; +/- 0 Coordinated Universal Time – UTC).

Proposed ICTOP Annual General Meeting / General Assembly Agenda:

  1. Opening
  2. Report on Activities in 2021
  3. Report on Activities 2022 (till October) / Prague 2022
  4. Financial Report 2021
  5. Plans for 2023
  6. Results of Chair/Board Elections

N.B. Chair/Board Elections will be organised by on-line tool provided to us by ICOM HQ. Instruction, as well as list/description of candidates will be provided later on, more close to the event. The link for voting, as well for the event session will be provided more close to ICTOP Annual General Meeting / General Assembly too.

We sincerely hope you will be in position to join us on November 23rd, at 2:00 PM GMT for ICTOP Annual General Meeting / General Assembly or (at least) to participate in on-line election process which will be open for a longer time.


To all ICTOP members

April 23rd, 2022

Subject: ICTOP presidency/chair and board elections (2022-2025)


ICTOP elections for the presidency and the board will take place during the triennial General Conference to be held in Prague. The final phase of elective session is scheduled for August 25th.

The elective body is composed by all ICTOP members (one member = one vote). As usual in our elections at the occasion of past ICOM Triennial General Conferences, vote (by secret bailout) is to be exercised directly on the spot, by proxy votes (on the spot) or by distance voting.

There will be two separate election rounds:

– for the chair

– for members of the board (up to nine members, the most voted ones). Among Board members vice-chair, treasurer or/and any other position could be suggested.

Candidacies have to be formally presented. Nominees have to demonstrate and deliver (as minimum):

– for the chair position: active ICTOP membership; up to 500 words long projection of development and activities of ICTOP in 2022-2025 period; up to 300 words long CV

– for member of the board: active ICTOP membership; up to 300 words long CV

All general rules and by-laws of ICOM referring conditions to be elected and limitation of mandates are to apply also here.

Candidacies must deliver all requested above no latter then June 30th, 2022 by written (e-letter / e-mail) directed to: Leena.Tokila@museoliitto.fi & dbabic@ffzg.hr, please check not to miss this condition with requested accompanying documentation.

All possible candidacies received by the June 30th, with their add-ons will be distributed to all ICTOP members for their knowledge and after it diverse form of election will be organised, to be finalised on August 25th, 2022 during the triennial General Conference in Prague. Where we hope to see as many as possible of you (ICTOP members) in Prague.

On behalf of acting ICTOP Chair,