2023 Registration fees & logistics


ICOM Paraguay, together with four ICOM International Committees: ICTOP, ICMAH, INTERCOM and MPR

Dates: 15 – 17 November 2023
Venue: Museo de ITAIPU Tierra GuaranĂ­, Hernandarias, Paraguay


Registration fee: free of charge*

*ICOM Paraguay, together with four ICOM International Committees (ICTOP, ICMAH, INTERCOM and MPR) agreed all on-site conference related costs (conference venue, rooms, translation, breaks) will be on aforementioned organisers. This way participants will enjoy complimentary conference registration fee, so enabling more local participants (from Paraguay and entire South America) to attend the conference.

Participants remain responsible for travel, accommodation, travel insurance and visa costs (the last if relevant). As well as any personal incidental/extra costs. N.B. All ICOM ICs (ICTOP, ICMAH, INTERCOM and MPR) will have separate Grant Calls toward covering of travel and accommodation costs (foremost) for young professionals.