2021 Call for contribution / intervention

On-going Call for contributions to a shared ICTOP online notice board (Padlet)

ICOM-ICTOP Annual Conference, kick-off on 21st October 2021


Topic: “Museum personnel’s competencies in and after the pandemic crisis”

The crisis caused by the pandemic affected museums as well. In what ways did museum training respond; what solutions, experiences, professional competencies, and/or training practices have been crucial during this time? How you, or your local (museum) community reacted? What kind of idea, suggestion or practice (good/best or not so good) you could offer and want to share to a global museum network.


Members, friends and followers of ICTOP (and ICOM in general) are invited to submit initiatives, ideas, training solutions, diverse strategies and similar to share with other members and for discussion at the conference.

The main focus of this initiative is to collect creative examples to share, the aim is to underline common and specific practices due to the different contexts.

Contribution format

All the initiatives which fit the main aim of the Call will be shared through ICTOP social media and collected in a shared online notice board (Padlet).

Every presentation should include:

Short title

Name of the institution & Name of presenter

Short description between 50 and 100 words

You can add also:

  • link(s) to short videos (3 minutes)
  • link(s) to official presentations of the initiatives
  • hashtags (indeed welcome)

Furthermore, you can add

  • one picture or one poster

The contribution can be written in the three official languages of ICOM: English, or Spanish, or French



No exact deadline, please submit your contribution when it is ready (still better soon than later).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact e-mail: ictop2021@gmail.com