Board Members


ICTOP Board 2019 – 2022

Chair: Leena Tokila (Finland) // Director of Training and Development / Finnish Museums Association (Finland)

Vice Chair & Treasurer: Darko Babic (Croatia) // Assistant Professor / University of Zagreb – Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Museology and Heritage Management (Croatia)

Secretary: Ruth Linton (Barbados) // Facilities Coordinator / Museum of Parliament and National Heroes Gallery (Barbados)

Board Members

Sophie Biecheler-Fiocconi (France) // Head of Institutional and International Relations /Universcience (France)

Rita Capurro (Italy) // Researcher and Lecturer / University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy)

Tadhito Emizu (Japan) // Lecturer of Museology / Tokai University (Japan)

Kiersten Latham (USA) // Director – Arts & Cultural Management & Museum Studies & Associate Professor – Art, Art History & Design / Michigan State University (USA)

Davit Poghosyan (Armenia) // Associated Professor, Chair of Museology, Library Studies, Bibliography / Khachatur Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University (Armenia)

Ÿ Simone Stoltz (Netherlands) // Lecturer in Information and Media in Heritage / Reinwardt Academy (Netherlands)


Associated Members

Uma Parameswar (India/Singapore) // Museum consultant – Athina Consulting (Singapore)

George Jacob (Canada) // President & CEO of Bay Ecotarium San Francisco (USA)

Yuka Inoue (Japan) // Lecturer of Museology / Bunkyo University (Japan)